The show's logo, used since the first episode.

Baman Piderman (Sometimes written Baman & Piderman) is a show created by Alex Butera and Lindsay Small and distributed by MondoMedia, with episodes featured in Mondomedia official site, Youtube and Attack of the Show. The first Epsiode hit the air in April 2009. The second season started on March 8th, 2011 after a 10 month gap. The series' animation is similar to Ringtales cartoons.


The show's episodes star Baman and Piderman, two slightly overweight, rubbery parodies of the DC superhero Batman and Marvel superhero Spiderman. Along with their friends Pumkin and Tuba, the two animated inanimate objects, the two go on unrealistic, comedic adventures during the course of each episode. The show's theme song is a four-line song that was first heard in episode three, but was not used as the official theme until the next episode. Many characters have been added since the start of the show, and more are expected in the future.
The first few episodes of the show were only about 30 seconds-1 minute long, had no theme song, and had the title card shown after the episode. In more recent shows, the main theme is shown, followed by the title card and a 1-2 minute episode.


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