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Characters Edit

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Episodes Edit

Season 1
Find Da SandwichHab Da PumkinMake Da BandPwactice Da CountingEscape Da CakesMake Da CardsGuess Da NumberHab Da Sleepover
Tell Da JokeHappy Winter Friends (Part 1)Happy Winter Friends (Part 2)Frow Da Party
Season 2
Fimd Da JobsRevealations (Part 1)Revealations (Part 2)Play Da SongIn Da BasementWeirdy FeelingSquib WeekDrawing SongGhost Night
Drink Da TeePlay Da Concert
Season 3
Paint Da House ∙ We Hab Da ProblemGhost Night 2

World Edit

Baman and Piderman live in a world that is completely flat, white, and blank. Piderman's and Baman's houses are the only buildings seen so far, although in season 3 opener, Wanda actually creates more buildings that vaguely resemble Piderman's house. Also, in episode 2, there is revealed to be a large city where Baman and Piderman live. Piderman's house contains a portal (a pizza head) in the basement that leads to a forest (known as "da trees"), which consists of Tuba's Dad's house and a vast expanse of white, leafless, trees. These trees also appear to be eggs from which squibs can hatch.


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