Drink Da Tee2
Those Guys love tea parties!
Red Squib not so much.
Episode Number: 210
Release Date: November 7, 2012
Drink Da Tee02:22

Drink Da Tee

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Drink Da Tee is the 22nd episode of Baman Piderman and the 10th episode of Season Two.


Official SummaryEdit

Tea in da basement is kinda weird...


Baman, Pumkin, Tuba, Squib, Red Squib and Those Guys have a tea party in the basement. Those Guys show everyone a video, and Pumkin seemed to enjoy but the others were fast asleep.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Drink Da Tee.

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(drawn out slurping sounds from That Guy and The Other Guy)

Baman: Oookay, that's enough, I am really bored. Can you let us out of here?

That Guy/Basement Piderman: But we are not holding you here!

The Other Guy/Basement Baman: You want to stay you lahve eet. (love it)

That Guy/Basement Piderman:  Yah, you love it!

(Pumkin stands to leave but is stopped by The Other Guy/Basement Baman who stares at Pumkin ominously until Squib breaks the tension by slapping The Other Guy's hands off Pumkin)

Baman: Well, I don't love it.

That Guy/Basement Piderman: Oh, we gotta tell him about the tee party!

The Other Guy/Basement Baman: This is the best tee party! Baman: I don't wanna know about it...

That Guy/Basement Piderman:  Yeah you want to hear this poem that he wrote!
The Other Guy/Basement Baman: But I am nervous to read it...
That Guy/Basement Piderman: No, it's good!
The Other Guy/Basement Baman: Okay, dis is a poem that I wrote;

Tea party is my favorite
The best thing you can do
But only when we share it all
with you and you and you.
Be sure to have the proper stuff
like blood and tea and stewwww

Baman: What kind of stew?
That Guy/Basement Piderman: Blood stew!

(Baman groans in disgust)

That Guy/Basement Piderman: And now a short film we have made;

(Those Guys, while bobbing up and down either side of the projection screen with goofy music, play a short film showing tea pouring, That Guy being reckless with tea and The Other Guy wagging his finger at him. Then The Other Guy wearing a shirt with "Be fwends with us" on it, them walking in Da Trees, bothering Tuba's Dad and finally the end credits.  During this time Baman, Squib and Red Squib have fallen asleep. However, Pumkin applauds at the end to the delight of Those Guys.)

That Guy/Basement Piderman: Aww he liked it!

The Other Guy/Basement Baman: You are good guy!

(The episode ends as Those Guys rub Pumkin's head and pour him tea while gushing incoherent praises at him.)

World BuildingEdit

The episode takes place in the basement.


  • It is pretty obvious this takes place after Ghost Night.

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