How will Baman get out of the cakes?
Episode Number: 105
Release Date: August 14, 2009
Escape Da Cakes

Escape Da Cakes

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Escape Da Cakes is the fifth episode of Baman Piderman.





Tuba tells Piderman how to escape Baman from da cakes he made.


Piderman looks out his window, and proceeds to tell Baman to come into his house. He uses his web to drag himself downstairs, and finally collapses in a heap at his front door. When Piderman enquires why he didn't come inside, Baman replies that he is stuck in the cakes he made. Piderman decides to go ask Tuba what to do. Seconds later, Piderman comes running towards Baman with Tuba, leaping into the air, Tuba engulfs the entire mountain of cakes, producing a chocolate-frosted cupcake in the process. Since Baman is finally free, Piderman is able to show him a sleeping Pumkin, whom Tuba wakes with her honking.


  • A trail can be seen leading up to Baman's house; this is a nod to the previous episode, in which Baman is shown driving it away.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Escape Da Cakes.

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(Piderman looks out of his window, flailing his arms around rapidly)

Piderman: Baman, Baman, Baman! (A ground-view shot is shown; Baman's head can be seen) Come into the house!

(Piderman uses his web to drag himself down his stairs. Huffing and puffing, he web-grabs the top of an archway and pulls himself up)

Piderman: Ba-Baman. (He collapses at his front door) Why didn't you come in?

Baman: (Only a close up of his face is shown) What are we going to do with all these cakes I made? (Piderman stands up. Baman is shown to be surrounded by chocolate-frosted cakes) I am stuck in them.

Piderman: I'm gonna go ask Tuba about the cakes! (He runs off)

(Baman looks around at the cakes surrounding him. As he stretches his mouth down to try and eat one of them, Tuba's honk is heard, and Piderman, who is carrying Tuba, is shown running towards him at full speed)

Piderman: Yaaaaaay! (He tosses Tuba into the air. She engulfs the cakes surrounding Baman, and produces a chocolate-frosted cupcake with a gurgly honk)

Baman: Thanks Piderman. (In the background, Tuba is seen sucking up another piece of cake) What did you want to show me? (He consumes a small piece of cake, which dribbles out of his mouth. The scene switches to the two peeking at a sleeping Pumkin from behind a doorway)

Piderman: See? Pumkin is sleeping.

Baman: That's cute. (Right after he says this, Tuba enters and honks loudly. Pumkin sits up in bed, and Baman and Piderman frown at Tuba)