Pumkin's and Piderman's attempt to cheer

Baman up does not go so well.

Episode Number: 201
Release Date: October 1, 2011 (during Teletoon's new look)
Fimd Da Jobs

Fimd Da Jobs

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Fimd Da Jobs is the first episode of Season Two of Baman Piderman and the thirteenth episode overall.





Baman is sad but das okay cuz he has best fwiends for helps!

Plot Edit

After having a nightmare, Pumkin wakes up, dresses, and heads downstairs for the day. Outside, he meets Piderman, who expresses his concern for Baman - he's been depressed ever since Squib took his job. He suggests that they make Baman a cake to make him feel better, but this doesn't go very well, and a huge mess is created. They invite Baman over to the house instead, where Piderman tells him that he has a new job for him. However, Those Guys appear from the basement and say that they have an even better job. Baman goes into the basement, only to return a few moments later, seemingly traumatized by whatever he had to do. Bug then offers Baman a job as well - filing taxes with a typewriter using only two buttons: "6" and "Yes". This proves to be too boring, and Baman returns to Piderman, who finally reveals the job he has for him - washing his vest, which is covered in cake batter from earlier.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode shows Piderman without his vest on for the first time. It is also the second time that he removes the spider from his suit; the first was in Hab Da Sleepover.
  • When Piderman writes the letter for Baman, he uses a pen that drops out of his forearm. The pen was previously absorbed through his leg in Make Da Cards
  • In the beginning of the episode, Pumkin's to do list said to "dress nice for first episode" and to "avoid Squib"
  • The style switched the badly animation to nice animation.

Transcript Edit

This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Fimd Da Jobs.

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(The episode starts inside of a dark, pulsating tunnel. A crashing sound can be heard echoing. Suddenly, a room fades in from black, accompanied by an eerie growl. The scene then cuts to Pumkin waking up in his bed with a start; he has been having a nightmare. Pumkin proceeds to get dressed and shine his "head" (a list can be seen on his wall that says "To Do: 1. Dress nice for first episode; 2. Avoid Squib"). Pumkin begins to go downstairs, but Those Guys blow him down the stairs. His shoe falls off, and Squib take it. An aerial shot of Piderman's House is shown, with the words "Season 2" carved into the ground beside it (from the Season 2 opener). Tuba is then shown next to the "A" with a checkered blanket tied around her, which opens to reveal several cakes that fall into the "A". Piderman is shown next to her inside of the "E")

Piderman: Tuba, I don't fit in this "E"! Oh, good morning, Pumkin!

(Pumkin walks out, rubbing his head and waving. He walks over to Piderman)

Piderman: Pumkin, (He plays with the spider on his suit) I think we need to go cheer up Baman. (Pumkin kneels) He's sad, because (whispering) he lost his job!

(Baman wails and throws up his arms in the background)

Piderman: Oh, I know! Let's make Baman a happiness cake!

(Piderman, Pumkin and Tuba are shown in Piderman's kitchen. Pumkin is holding a mixing bowl, which is spewing cake batter all over the room)

Piderman: Ohhwoaaaah no no no no no no!

(Piderman and Tuba are sitting outside of the messy kitchen, covered in cake batter)

Piderman: That...didn't work.

(Pumkin, previously concealed by cake batter, peels off of the wall)

Piderman: (to Tuba) Can you give those paper to me?

Tuba: (hands Piderman the paper and honks)

(Piderman takes the paper. A pen falls from his forearm into his hand, and he begins to write)

Piderman: (writing) Dear Baman...

(Piderman hands his finished note to Pumkin, who folds it into a paper airplane and throws it out the window. The plane flies into a sad-looking Baman's house and lands in his mouth. He spits it out and reads it)

Baman: What is this?

(The note reads: "Come ober da house for happies we lub you so you can come ober now". Baman proceeds to flop around outside his house on the way to Piderman's as Piderman and Pumkin watch)

Baman: Mhhnam, bhhm, hmmph! (He does a cartwheel and appears on the other side of the screen) Mmmabhhmhhmdab, ahhbhhdab! Ahh, whabaaneebaheeba! (His left arm flies off as he flaps and flies for a few seconds, after which he falls onto the ground) Maybe I should just go and sleep again! Bwaaaaaah!

(Piderman and Pumkin exchange worried glances. Baman is shown on top of his house, which moves offscreen to the left, and then back onscreen in front of Piderman's window. Baman then comes in through the window)

Baman: (groans) I'm over the house now.

Piderman: Baman, I has this new job for you!

That Guy: (peeking out from the basement stairs along with The Other Guy) No, Baman, do our job!

The Other Guy: We have a job, Baman, this is a job for you, it is perfect! We have a job for you, Baman, come down here, Baman!

(Halfway through The Other Guy's speech, Pumkin tries to protest, but Squib grabs him and pulls him through the window, unseen by the others)

Baman: Okay, that sounds like a good idea! (He begins to walk towards the basement, but a trap door opens up below him, and Those Guys pull him through)

Piderman: (watches Baman go through the hole, then looks around) O-kay, Baman, I guess I can wait. (looks over to the window) Pumkin? (He shoots a strand of web at the ceiling, and, hanging upside down, looks out the window) Pumkin! Where did Pumkin go? (He hears the basement door open behind him, and turns around, just as Pumkin runs by outside with Squib hot on his heels) Baman, that was fast!

Baman: I don't wanna talk about it.

(Pizza Head can be seen on the basement wall, grinning at him ominously. The basement door shuts)

Bug: Psst! (He motions with his head to the left)

Baman: You got...this jobs for me too?

Bug: (smiles and motions with his head again)

(Bug and Baman are seen at two typewrites. Bug is typing away furiously on a paper titled "Taxes". Baman has a paper with the same title in his typewriter, but he seems unsure of what to do. He looks at the typewriter, which only has two buttons, "Yes" and "6". He presses "Yes", groans, hits his head on the desk, and falls onto the floor. Pumkin then flops into the scene, only to be dragged back out by Squib. Squib lifts Pumkin up by his leg and, after a tense few seconds, places the shoe that Pumkin lost earlier that morning back on his foot. He then places Pumkin down and nudges him, and Pumkin walks off. Piderman is shown inside his house, playing Take Turns by himself. He sighs sadly, after which Baman and Pumkin pop out at the same time through two different windows. Piderman throws his hands up joyfully, tossing his Take Turns hat onto Pumkin in the process)

Piderman: Yay! (placing his arms on Baman) Don't leave this time! I has a nice jobs for you!

Baman: (smiles) Okay! What is it?

Piderman: (takes off his blue vest, splattered with cake batter from earlier) Wash my vest!

(Pumkin is shown sitting in Piderman's chair, wearing Baman's work tie and the Take Turns hat. Piderman shoots his web and uses it to slide across the floor)

Piderman: Wheee!

Baman: (holds up Piderman's vest, revealing a large, spider-shaped hole in the back) I didn't know this wa- (He is cut off as the episode ends)