Baman and Piderman throw a Feets Day
party for Pumkin, but Squib ruins it.
Episode Number: 112
Release Date: May 12, 2010
Baman Piderman - Baman Piderman - Frow Da Party

Baman Piderman - Baman Piderman - Frow Da Party

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Frow Teh Party is the twelfth episode of Baman Piderman, and the final episode of Season 1.





Baman and Piderman are playing in the last remaining flakes of snow from the previous winter, when they decide to throw a "Feets Day" party for Pumkin in honor of his new feet. They go inside, where Pumkin dances the Feets Day dance. Afterwards, Baman and Piderman sing Pumkin a song from a card they made him, telling him all the great things he can do now that he has feet. After the song ends, Squib rips up the card. Baman gets angry, saying that Squib is fat and lazy and doesn't do anything except lay around the house. He tells Squib to get a job, so he takes Baman's, working several times more efficiently than Baman ever could. This makes Baman sad, so Piderman decides to tell him a joke; before he can do so, Baman's Boss and Squib roar in anger, so he decides not to. The episode ends with Bug glaring at the two, causing them to look away uncomfortably.


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Squib, like Baman's Boss, does not like jokes. However, it is possible that she was just getting angry in order to get on the Boss's good side.
    • The Boss's distaste for jokes was previously revealed in Tell Da Joke.
  • Tuba can be seen in the background while Baman and Piderman are discussing the Feets Day party. She jumps into Pizza Head, possibly to go visit her dad, as it was revealed in the previous episode that he resides inside of it.
  • This is the second time that Baman lets Pumkin wear his hat, the first time being in Make Da Cards.
  • In the background, there was a sign that said "No Squib Pleez" As Pumkin was getting up to do the Feets day dance, another sign that said "Still no Squib" was seen taped over the first sign. Towards the end of the feets day dance, a third sign that said "Ok" was taped over the other two signs.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Frow Da Party.

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(The episode begins outside. Baman crashes into the shot. Piderman rolls buy in a snowflake as Baman watches him. Baman sits up with two pieces of snow on his ears, and suddenly gasps, causing the snow to fall off)

Baman: Piderman! (Piderman's snowflake dissolves as he crashes into another one) We should have the birthday party for Pumkin!

(A piece of snow falls onto Piderman and melts)

Piderman: It should be a Feets Day party. (Baman looks confused; behind Piderman's house, Tuba jumps into Pizza Head) 'Because he has new feets!

Baman: (Interrupting Piderman after he says "new") Ohhhh!

(Inside Piderman's house, Pumkin is reading a book, while Squib sits in a corner. He makes a grab for one of Pumkin's feet, but Pumkin swats him away. Suddenly, Baman materializes inside the couch, and slides out, where his body is joined together)

Baman: Happy Feets Day! (He grows several arms as he says this; Pumkin jumps out of the chair in shock, and Piderman appears in the doorway)

Piderman: (laughing) Yay! Whee, whee, whee, whee! (He crashes into a frightened Pumkin) It's your feets day because you got brand new feets! (He picks up Pumkin's foot with his web)

Baman: (Stands up)Do the Feets Day dance!

Piderman: (Appearing next to Baman) Yeah, you can do it!

(The next lines are said simultaneously by Baman and Piderman as Pumkin dances)

Piderman: Do the dance!

Baman: Yeah, do it!

Piderman: Pumkin, do the Feets Day dance!

Baman: Come on Pumkin, yeah!

Piderman: Yeah, Pumkin!

Baman: Do the dance, Pumkin!

Piderman: Pumkin, do it! Do it, do it!

Baman: Do it, yeah!

Piderman: Do it, yay!

Baman: Yeah, Pumkin!

Piderman: Yay, do it, do it!

Baman: Dance!

Piderman: Do it!

(Pumkin, still on the floor, looks nervously from Baman to Piderman. As they continue to encourage him, he stands up and shyly begins to do the Feets Day dance)

Baman: Dance Pumkin, yeah! Do it Pum- okay, stop. (He shoves a card in Pumkin's face. Piderman appears on the other side and pats Pumkin on the shoulder) We made you this card! (Squib reaches a tentacle towards the card, but Baman slaps him away) No, I can read it!

Piderman: (singing) Hey, Pumkin, it's your Feets Day, 'cause your feets are all brand new.

Baman: And now that you have hands and stuff, there's lots of fun stuff you can do. Ah-hem!

Piderman: You can sit down on this fuzzy chair. (Pumkin sits down on the 'chair', which is actually Baman's Boss's foot. He stamps, and Piderman and Pumkin run away)

Baman: Or kick that thing that's over there. (He motions to a strange device plugged into a wall in a corner)

Piderman: Baman, what is that thing?

Baman: (cutting him off) I don't know.

Piderman: You can step right here on this small bug. (He points at Bug on the ground, who glares back up at Piderman and Pumkin, making them recoil)

Baman: (hugging Tuba) Or you can give your friend a hug. (Those Guys hold their arms out for a hug behind Pumkin, who jumps in surprise)

Piderman: Yes, you can do all of that.

Baman: You can even wear my hat. (He puts his hat on Pumkin's head, who faints as Piderman claps)

Baman & Piderman: Happy Feets Day!

(Squib is shown to be playing the keyboard. After he plays the last note, he rips up Pumkin's card)

Piderman: Oh no! Pumkin's card! (He catches a scrap of it in his hands)

Baman: What does Squib do anyway? (Bug crawls out the window in the background) He's just fat and lazy and sits in the house all day.

(Pumkin silently tries to reason with Baman, who is lying on the floor with Piderman. As Piderman tries to reach a jar of peabnut bubber only a few inches away [and fails], Baman falls asleep. He suddenly wakes and glares at Squib)

Baman: You get a job!

(Squib is shown signing several clipboards at a time for Baman's Boss. Baman and Piderman watch them from a window)

Baman: He...he took my job!

Piderman: (Pumkin reads the pieced-together fragments of his card on the ground in the background) That reminds me of this joke!

(After hearing this, Baman's Boss growls, and Squib hisses and bares his teeth, ready to attack. Baman gasps and covers Piderman's mouth)

Baman: I don't think we should...

(He suddenly sees Bug on the floor, who glares back up at him and Piderman. The two look away uneasily)