This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Hab Da Pumkin

(Baman rings Piderman's doorbell)

Piderman: Who did that?

Baman: (Pops his head through the door) Can I come over? I got a pumkin.

Piderman: Ooh I got a game for this pumkin!

(Piderman drops Pumkin onto the floor)

Piderman: (Alternating putting hands on top of Pumkin with Baman; Baman places a foot instead from 4-6) One, two three, four, five, six!

Baman: (sitting up) I won it!

(Pumkin picks up a phone. Piderman's phone rings, and he answers it)

Piderman: Hi Pumkin. Can I speak to Baman?

Baman: (Baman holds phone to his mouth and forehead) Let's go outside.

(A very tall building is shown. Baman is then seen moving around in an odd manner on top of the building, as Piderman climbs up over the edge)

Baman: I'm on the building!

Piderman: Ooh! Yous on that building!