Baman is sleeping over!
Episode Number: 108
Release Date: October 27, 2009 (Aired during Halloweeny)
Hab Da Sleepover

Hab Da Sleepover

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Hab Da Sleepover is the eighth episode of Baman Piderman





Piderman is scared so Baman stays da night.


Piderman is very scared of the newly found monsters in his basement (the basement door is now taped shut and has a sign over it). He attempts to have a conversation with Pumkin, but he can only wail, which frightens Piderman even more. Piderman finally calls for Baman, who decides to sleep over. Soon everyone is tucked in, and after Piderman has a good-night song, the lights go out and everyone goes to sleep. However, not long after, a door is heard opening. Baman turns on his flashlight to reveal that the basement door has been opened. He turns off his flashlight, but turns it on again after hearing another sound. They see Those Guys, who reveal that they have come up to borrow an ingredient for their cookie pie: blood. Horrified, Baman turns the light off. Later, the four are shown enjoying the cookie pie together.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Hab Da Sleepover.

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(Piderman is shown curled up on the couch. Pumkin is then shown on the other end; in the background, the basement door is taped shut and covered with a sign that reads "Dont open dis". The shot switches back to Piderman)

Piderman: So, Pumkin. Did...

Pumkin: *wails*

Piderman: (Now hiding under the couch cushion) Baman!

(Baman is talking with his Boss outside of his house while holding a clipboard)

Baman: I can get the shipments by Toobsday. Then... (He turns as Piderman calls his name)

(The scene switches to inside Piderman's house. Baman is seen hanging upside down from the window. He drops into the house)

Baman: What's wrong Piderman?

Piderman: I'm scared!

Baman: Let me show you this magic trick. (He spins around while holding his cape. The shot zooms out to reveal a sleeping bag and a pillow at his feet) I is sleeping over!

Piderman: (Throwing off the couch cushion) Hooray!

Baman: Doo doo doo doo doo doo. (He places his sleeping bag over the couch)

Piderman: It's time to go to sleep 'cause it's time to go to sleep. (He places the spider from his suit into a glass jar, and carries Pumkin to bed. They walk past the bathroom, where Baman is brushing his teeth. As Piderman pulls the covers over Pumkin, Pumkin wails loudly, knocking Piderman back. Baman and Piderman listen to Pumkin finish wailing as they lie in their sleeping bags [Piderman is on the floor])

Piderman: Baman? Can-can I have a good night song?

Baman: Go to sleep, Piderman, there no monsters in the house.

Piderman: Good night Baman.

Baman: Good night Piderman.

(Piderman uses his web to turn the light off. Shortly after, a door is heard creaking open. Baman turns on his flashlight to reveal that the basement door is open)

Baman: What was that? (He moves his flashlight around) The door is open! (He turns the flashlight off. A rustling noise is heard)

Piderman: Turn on the flashlight. (Baman turns it on, and Those Guys are seen)

Baman: Waaah!

Piderman: Okay, turn it off! (The flashlight turns off. A few seconds of silence pass) Baman are they gone? (Baman turns the flashlight back on. Those Guys are still there)

Baman: No! (He turns the flashlight off again)

Piderman: Don't turn it on again! (Those Guys turn on their own flashlight)

Those Guys: Hello! (Baman turns on the main light)

Baman & Piderman: *scream*

Baman: What do you want?

That Guy: We need to borrow an ingredient.

The Other Guy: We are making a cookie pie.

Baman: Oh. That's not scary. (He turns to Piderman, who nods his head in agreement) What do you want?

The Other Guy: (Holding the flashlight for dramatic effect) Bloooood!

(Baman and Piderman stare in horror as Baman turns the main light off. The scene switches to Those Guys holding up their cookie pie as Baman and Piderman each enjoy a slice of it)