Will Baman and Piderman be able to
save the rotted Pumkin?
Episode Number: 110
Release Date: December 14, 2009
Happy Winter Friends (Part 1)

Happy Winter Friends (Part 1)

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Happy Winter Friends (Part 1) is the tenth episode of Baman Piderman.





Can Baman & Piderman save Pumkin on Da Journey?


Piderman is walking over to Baman's with a present, narrowly dodging the giant snowflakes that fall around him. When Baman asks him why he came over to his house, Piderman explains that it is Happy Winter Friends - the holiday of wishes and best friends. After Baman accepts his present, his boss drops a completely rotted Pumkin onto his windowsill. As Piderman panics, Baman suggests that they go on Da Journey in order to get a wish to save Pumkin. The two then decide to ask Those Guys where to go. The Guys throw Pizza Head against the wall, where its mouth opens to reveal a mysterious hallway. Baman and Piderman enter, the entrance closing behind them. The episode ends with "To be continued".


  • The title of this episode (and the eponymous holiday) may be a parody of Happy Tree Friends; both shows are distributed by Mondo Media.
  • That Guy can be seen in Baman's House as Piderman is spinning around.
  • The usual theme is replaced with an instrumental arrangement of the same song.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Happy Winter Friends (Part 1).

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(Piderman's house is shown. Large snowflakes fall around it. Piderman is inside, putting the finishing touches on a poorly wrapped pink package)

Piderman: To Baman. (He writes this on the name tag. Piderman then walks out into the snow with his package) Yaaay! (He narrowly avoids the large snowflakes, and begins to sing as he walks through the snow) Baman is my best friend because I'm walking, and I'm going to his house to- (He grabs a snowflake with his web and slides across the snow, narrowly avoiding being crushed by another snowflake) Wheeeee!

(Inside Baman's house, Baman and Tuba are playing a board game called Take Turns. Baman wears a hat bearing the game's name)

Baman: I call your gooby, and raise you a purple! (Piderman's web suddenly hits him in the lip as he gasps. Piderman drags himself into the house and across the game board)

Piderman: Hi Baman.

Baman: Uhhh, y-you- (He pauses and sucks the web into his mouth. He thinks for a second, then begins to sing) I'm Baman, I'm Piderman, I come over the house. Why are you come over my house?

Piderman: Happy Winter Friends, Baman! (He stands up and pats Tuba) And Tuba. (Tuba has a party blower in her "mouth". When she honks, it inflates out and tickles Piderman in the face) *giggles* Stop that, Tuba!

Baman: (Now wearing glasses) What's Happy Winter Friends? (He hands a clipboard to his boss through the window)

Piderman: (Sitting inside of Tuba) It's the holiday of wishes and best friends!

Baman: Then this must be for me. (He reaches under Piderman's stomach and pulls out the package as Piderman smiles)

(Before walking away, Baman's Boss drops a completely rotted, sloppy Pumkin on the windowsill)

Pumkin: *moans weakly*

Baman: Pumkin is rotted!

Tuba: *honks, catapulting Piderman out*

Piderman: (Spinning around the room and rapidly shooting web from his hands and feet) Oh no, what do we doooo? Ooohhh nooo, what doo weee doooo? oohhh- (Baman grabs him)

Baman: Piderman, don't you see? We can get a wish to save Pumkin! (As he says this, Pumkin flops onto the floor) Then he won't be sloppy.

Piderman: How will we get it?

Baman: We go on...this journey! (His voice echoes)

(The scene switches to Piderman's basement. Those Guys appear to be feeding Pizza Head as That Guy holds him behind his back)

Baman: Do you guys know where to go on the journey?

That Guy: (Turning to The Other Guy) It's time. (They each grab a side of Pizza Head and throw it against the wall while moaning. Pizza Head opens its mouth to reveal a long, tall hallway. Baman and Piderman peek inside)

Baman: Now we can save Pumkin! (He and Piderman nod to each other, then travel into the hallway. Piderman attaches his web to Baman so that he drags him along instead)

(Two doors within the hallway shut, and Pizza Head closes its mouth. The camera quickly zooms in on the its eyes. "To be continued" is shown)