MondoMedia is the company that distributes Baman Piderman, and many other internet series.

Mondo Media Mini Shows logo.

Mondo Media was founded in 1988 by John Evershend and Deirdre O'Malley in San Francisco, California.


Here is a list of the shows that Mondo Media currently, or previously has, produces or distributes.

  • Happy Tree Friends
  • Baman Piderman
  • Ka-Pow!
  • Dick figures
  • Joe Cartoon
  • Dr. Tran
  • BigFish
  • Candy Hole
  • Patrick Boivin
  • The Brothers Mcleod
  • CatSlap
  • The God and Devil Show
  • Black and White
  • Mr. Wong
  • Spike & Mike's
  • Queer Duck
  • Poker Night
  • Like,News
  • Zombie College
  • Hard Drinking Lincoln
  • Heavy Metal Guy
  • Thugs on Film
  • Starship Regulars
  • Elvis and Jack
  • Rock'n'Roll Dad
  • Jesus and his Brothers
  • Superhero Roomate
  • Supermodels
  • Navy Bear
  • Mini Bites
  • Acorn Madness (TBA)

The most popular of these shows is Happy Tree Friends.


Youtube has made MondoMedia a great sucess, with the most viewed video at over 20,000,000 views. The Series "Baman Piderman" "Happy Tree Friends" and Dick figures are the most popular series.

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