Temby's Peabnut Bubber


Ad for Peabnut Bubber

Temby's Peabnut Bubber
is an obvious parody of Peanut Butter first seen in Pwactice Da Counting, in which Piderman uses it to count "one". Not only is it a food, it also appears to be a kind of medicine for Tuba , and is more effective if you "eat all da cakes." A fake advertisement for it appeared at the bottom of the video during Make Da Cards , which Piderman clicked away. It is not known where Peabnut Bubber is purchased, seeing that there are no grocery stores in the Baman Piderman World. "Temby" is actually the name of a company that manufactures musical instruments, such as tubas and sousaphones. This may be a pun, considering that two of the characters on the show are musical instruments. Be Sure To Tell Fwends That Peabnut Bubber Is Good For Medicine

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