Piderman's house is a simple, white two or three story house. It has 2 downstairs windows near the front door and 1 small


Piderman's house as seen in "Ghost Night".

window near pidermans bedroom on the top floor. The bottom floor of the house is larger than the upper floors, effectively making it stand out among other houses. The house is also much taller than Baman's house, being two or three stories. The bottom floor contains most of the features, including the living room and kitchen along with a door to the basement. The front door opens to the living room, containing a couch and TV along with basement access. The kitchen is never actually seen but it is assumed to be the kitchen considering Piderman goes in it to get a bowl of cereal. Upstairs is where Pidermans bed is, but he almost never sleeps in it. Piderman's house is where most episodes take place, and is the vocal point of the story. Piderman rarely leaves his house, however he does not seem scared of the outside world, Instead choosing to leave at the most dangerous times. In "Make Da Cards" Baman breaks a hole in his house where the front door was. However, Piderman doesn't seem to mind and it is never fixed. His house is shown to have a large basement, where Those Guys reside. This has made them so scared of the basement that they chose to seal it off (Poorly). But eventually the Basement monsters got through and now can be seen causing havoc in Baman and Piderman's house when they are away.