Ad for Peabnut Bubber

Peabnut Bubber is obviously a parody of "Peanut Butter." Not only is it a food, it also appears to be a kind of medicine for Tuba , and is more effective if you "eat all da cakes." A fake advertisment for it appeared at the bottom of the video during Make Da Cards , which Piderman clicked away. It is not known where Peabnut Bubber is purchased, seeing that there are no grocery stores in the Baman Piderman World . "Temby" is actually the name of a company that manufactures musical instruments, such as Tubas and Sousaphones . This may be a pun, considering that two of the characters are musical instruments.

Temby's Peabnut Bubber


  • Peabnut Bubber was a nominee in Wikia's Fantasy Food Fight 2016. It lost to Dean's Pie from Supernatural.